Collection: Geely Electric Vehicles

Geely, a household name in the automotive industry, has proven its mettle over the years by delivering vehicles that resonate with reliability, innovation, and value. Recognizing the paradigm shift towards electric mobility and the imperative to foster a sustainable future, Geely has dynamically embraced the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, unveiling models that balance the brand's legacy with modern-day electric capabilities.

Geely EV Charger/Geely Home Charger

A gratifying electric vehicle experience is as much about the drive as it is about the charging process. With this in mind, Geely has launched its dedicated series of EV chargers, often referred to as the Geely home charger. Incorporating top-tier technology and a user-centric design, these chargers guarantee that Geely's electric offerings are always charged swiftly and efficiently, ensuring an uninterrupted journey for its users. If you want to use your Geely imported from China we offer the CCS2 to GBT Adapter which allows DC charging at European charging stations. 

Geely EV Models

Geely's strategic foray into the electric domain is characterized by vehicles that meld the brand's proven engineering prowess with the promise of green technology.

Geely Geometry C

The Geely Geometry C is a testament to Geely's ambition and vision in the EV sector. Designed as a compact sedan, the Geometry C encapsulates what the brand stands for: delivering top-notch quality at a value-driven price point. This model boasts a sleek design, advanced tech features, and a performance that is attuned to both cityscapes and long-haul drives. With a commendable range and a quick charging capability, the Geometry C is poised to be a favorite among those venturing into the electric vehicle landscape.