Collection: 3-Phase Portable EV Chargers 11kW-22kW

Looking for a faster way to charge your electric vehicle (EV)? Look no further than our 3-phase electric car chargers. Our Level 2 chargers utilize three alternating currents to provide a faster charging rate than single-phase chargers. Available in two power outputs - 11 kW and 22 kW - our chargers can fully charge your EV in as little as 4-6* hours (22 kW) or 8-12* hours (11 kW). Perfect for use at workplaces, public parking areas and highway rest areas, our 3-phase chargers require a three-phase power supply and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are also equipped with a cable and a Type 2 connector that is compatible with most EVs on the market. Upgrade to our 3-phase electric car chargers today and enjoy a faster, more efficient charge for your electric vehicle!