Collection: Xpeng Electric Vehicles

Xpeng Motors, emerging as one of China's luminaries in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, represents a fusion of technological prowess, innovative design, and a vision for sustainable urban mobility. Driven by a commitment to smart, green transport, Xpeng is not just building vehicles; it's crafting an environmentally conscious future steeped in digital integration and cutting-edge innovation.

Xpeng EV Charger/Xpeng Home Charger

An electric vehicle's true potential is realized not just on the road, but also during its downtimes, specifically during charging. Addressing this, Xpeng has introduced a range of efficient EV charging solutions, headlined by the Xpeng home charger. Imbued with the latest charging technology, these chargers ensure that Xpeng vehicles receive a rapid, reliable, and safe charge every time, setting the stage for the next journey. If you want to use your Xpeng imported from China we offer the CCS2 to GBT Adapter which allows DC charging at European charging stations. 

Xpeng EV Models

Xpeng's ascent in the electric vehicle world is marked by its impressive suite of vehicles, each reflecting the brand's commitment to performance, technology, and eco-friendly solutions.

Xpeng P7, G9

  • Xpeng P7: The P7, with its sleek silhouette, stands as Xpeng's answer to the premium electric sedan segment. Beyond its stylish exteriors, the P7 boasts an impressive electric range, advanced autonomous driving capabilities, and an interior that's a fusion of luxury and tech. It promises a drive that's both exhilarating and environmentally benign, making it a favorite among EV enthusiasts.
  • Xpeng G9: Drawing from Xpeng's tradition of integrating the latest tech, the G9 is expected to offer an amalgamation of range, performance, and digital features, further underlining Xpeng's credentials in the EV sector.