Collection: Skoda Electric Vehicles

Skoda, a brand deeply rooted in over a century of automotive craftsmanship and innovation, has embarked on a new chapter with its electric vehicles (EVs). Integrating the brand's longstanding commitment to reliability and value with the potential of electric technology, Skoda's EVs signal a promising and sustainable future for its loyal customer base and new enthusiasts alike.

Skoda EV Charger/Skoda Home Charger

An electric vehicle's essence lies not just in its drive but also in its ability to recharge efficiently and conveniently. In line with this, Skoda has rolled out its distinct range of EV chargers, colloquially known as the Skoda home charger. These charging units harness the latest in charging technology, ensuring that Skoda's electric vehicles are always powered up, ready to deliver the exceptional drive the brand is revered for.

Skoda iV Universal Charger

Designed for versatility, the Skoda iV Universal Charger is the brand's solution to diverse charging needs. Catering to both home and on-the-go charging scenarios, this charger is compatible with various power sources and outlets. It ensures that wherever the journey takes you, your Skoda EV remains fueled and primed for the road ahead.

Skoda EV Models

Skoda's entry into the electric vehicle domain is marked by models that beautifully merge the brand's storied legacy with modern-day sustainable imperatives.

Skoda Enyaq, Citigo e iV

  • Skoda Enyaq: As a frontrunner in Skoda's electric evolution, the Enyaq is a testament to the brand's capability to produce spacious, stylish, and efficient SUVs. With a variety of battery options on offer, the Enyaq can achieve a range of up to 520 km on a single charge, blending practicality with sustainability.
  • Skoda Citigo e iV: The Citigo e iV represents Skoda's vision for urban electric mobility. Compact, nimble, and efficient, it's perfect for navigating city streets with a range of approximately 265 km. Its design encapsulates everything beloved about the Citigo, but with an electric heart beating within.