Collection: GAC Aion Electric Vehicles

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), GAC Aion stands as a beacon of innovation, vision, and uncompromised quality. An integral component of the GAC Group, Aion is not just about manufacturing vehicles; it’s about sculpting the future of sustainable mobility. Each car rolling off the GAC Aion assembly line epitomizes the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology, user-centric design, and environmental consciousness.

GAC Aion EV Charger/GAC Aion Home Charger

The beauty of an electric journey isn't confined to the open road; it starts right at home. Recognizing this, GAC Aion has curated a sophisticated range of EV chargers, commonly referred to as the GAC Aion home charger. These aren’t mere charging stations; they are tangible manifestations of GAC Aion’s commitment to a seamless and efficient electric driving experience. Designed to ensure rapid, reliable, and robust charging, these home chargers are poised to diminish 'range anxiety' and amplify the joy of electric driving. If you want to use your GAC imported from China we offer the CCS2 to GBT Adapter which allows DC charging at European charging stations. 

GAC Aion EV Models

GAC Aion's formidable stance in the EV sector is fortified by its diverse and dynamic lineup of vehicles. Every model bears the hallmark of Aion's passion for perfection and its relentless pursuit of pioneering automotive solutions.

Aion Y

The Aion Y emerges as a gem in GAC Aion's crown. This SUV is not just a vehicle; it's an experience. Tailored for modern urbanites and adventurers alike, the Aion Y combines sleek aesthetics with uncompromising performance. Its spacious interiors, laced with a plethora of advanced features, promise a ride that's both comfortable and exhilarating. The battery and powertrain technology integrated into this marvel ensure impressive range figures, suitable for both city jaunts and longer journeys. With its quick charging capabilities and an array of safety and tech integrations, the Aion Y represents GAC Aion's unwavering commitment to delivering vehicles that aren't just eco-friendly, but also sophisticated and reliable.