Collection: Ford Electric Vehicles

Known for its legacy of engineering prowess and iconic designs, Ford is ushering in a new era with its electric vehicle (EV) lineup. Committing to sustainability without sacrificing the power and reliability Ford is renowned for, their electric range exemplifies modern automotive innovation.

Ford EV Charger/Ford Home Charger

Essential to the EV ecosystem is an efficient charging solution. Ford has introduced its dedicated EV charger, often termed the Ford home charger, infused with advanced technology for a rapid and safe charging experience. Designed to cater to Ford’s unique EV specifications, it ensures a dependable power source for these vehicles.

Ford EV Models

Ford's venture into electrification has birthed vehicles that seamlessly blend the brand's historical excellence with the demands of the future.

Ford Mach-E and Ford F150-Lightning

  • Ford Mach-E: Transitioning the Mustang legacy into the electric realm, the Mach-E is an all-electric SUV that stands out in performance and design. Equipped with a choice between standard and extended-range batteries, the Mach-E boasts a range of up to approximately 610 km with the extended option, ensuring long drives with fewer stops. Its modern interior, laden with tech, and impressive acceleration solidify its place as a noteworthy electric vehicle.
  • Ford F150-Lightning: Revolutionizing the truck segment, the F150-Lightning is Ford's electric answer to the demand for powerful yet eco-friendly pickups. It offers a targeted range of up to 483 km on a full charge with its extended battery. Beyond its impressive range, the F150-Lightning is set to deliver a peak power of 563 hp, making it the most potent F150 ever. Its versatility includes an innovative power solution, allowing it to power homes during outages, highlighting Ford's vision of practical electric mobility.