Collection: EV Portable Chargers for BMW

Electric BMW cars, such as the i3, i4, and iX, offer a variety of charging options to fit your lifestyle. At home, you can use a single-phase 3.6kW/ 7kW charger or a 3-phase 11kW charger to charge your electric BMW. These chargers provide a convenient and efficient way to charge your EV at home, allowing you to wake up to a fully charged car every morning. With a single-phase 3.6kW charger, you can charge your electric BMW overnight, while the 3-phase 11kW charger can charge your electric BMW in just a few hours (7h 15m for the BMW i4 eDrive35). Not only is charging your electric BMW at home more convenient, it's also more cost-effective than charging at a public charging station. Upgrade your BMW home charging setup with a high-powered charger for your electric BMW today.