Collection: Zeekr Electric Vehicles

Zeekr, emerging as a new luminary in the electric vehicle (EV) horizon, represents the fusion of cutting-edge technology, visionary design, and a commitment to forging a sustainable future. A subsidiary of the automotive giant Geely, Zeekr aims to redefine the electric driving experience by offering vehicles that are not just environmentally sound but also exude luxury and innovation.

Zeekr EV Charger/Zeekr Home Charger

The quintessence of an electric driving experience is intimately tied to the efficiency and dependability of the charging infrastructure. Embracing this philosophy, Zeekr has introduced its range of EV chargers, commonly known as the Zeekr home charger. Developed with advanced technologies, these chargers ensure a swift, secure, and hassle-free charging process, making certain that Zeekr vehicles are always energized and primed for the journey ahead. If you want to use your Zeekr imported from China we offer the CCS2 to GBT Adapter which allows DC charging at European charging stations. 

Zeekr EV Models

Zeekr’s ambition in the EV landscape is evident in its meticulously crafted lineup of vehicles, each mirroring the brand's aspiration to merge luxury with sustainable mobility.

Zeekr 001, X

  • Zeekr 001: The Zeekr 001 is the brand's maiden venture into the realm of electric sedans. With its aerodynamic silhouette, state-of-the-art tech integrations, and a range that rivals many in its class, the 001 showcases Zeekr's vision for premium electric mobility. This model is equipped with an innovative suspension system, promising a driving experience that's both exhilarating and smooth.
  • Zeekr X: The Zeekr X suggests a continuation of the brand's commitment to innovation and luxury in the electric vehicle sector. Given Zeekr's track record with the 001, the X is poised to be a landmark addition to the brand's lineup.