Collection: EV Charging Cables

We offer a comprehensive range of electric vehicle charging cables to ensure your EV is always ready to hit the road. Our selection is carefully curated to provide you with high-quality charging solutions that match your electric vehicle's needs. No matter the charging port you have or the length you want, we have it all.

How to choose the right EV cable?

We offer a wide array of EV charging cables, designed to connect your electric vehicle to charging stations and power sources. These cables come in various lengths and connector types to accommodate different EV models and charging setups. Up to 10m in length and up to 22 kW of power, we have it all. Coiled or straight- we have it as well. It’s important to check the maximum charging power of your vehicle. If you are charging a Renault Zoe it’s a good idea to get the 22 kW EV charge cable yet most electric vehicles can charge with up to 11 kW. Our electric vehicle charging cables are built to last, with durability and safety as top priorities. These cables are designed to handle the power requirements of your EV, ensuring a safe and efficient charging process. Investing in a high-quality EV charging cable is essential for hassle-free charging and peace of mind. With our selection of reliable and durable cables, you can trust that your electric vehicle will be charged safely and efficiently, whether you're at home, at a charging station, or on the road. Browse our EV Charging Cables Collection today and discover the perfect cable to keep your electric vehicle charged and ready for your next adventure.