How to charge Nissan Leaf electric vehicles? Ways, tips, and steps

How to charge Nissan Leaf electric vehicles? Ways, tips, and steps

Why is the Nissan Leaf so popular among EVs?

Nissan Leaf was unveiled to the public in 2010 and was the first mass-market fully electric vehicle. It is a compact but very practical 5-door hatchback with a starting price of under $25,000 back in 2010. The Leaf had two generations and over 650,000 models have been produced since its release. For many years it has been the best-selling EV on the market until Tesla released its Model 3 and surpassed the Leaf in early 2020. The Leaf’s success is no accident. Some of the reasons why the Nissan Leaf was so successful:

  • comfortable and spacious vehicle in its segment
  • fairly large battery options capable of up to 350km on a single charge (62 kWh version)
  • offers fast charging capabilities (CHAdeMO with around 50 kW)
  • Great safety and autonomous driving features (lane assist, blind spot, adaptive cruise control, collision prevention, 5-star Euro NCAP review)
  • One of the very first EV in modern times

Ways to charge a Nissan Leaf 

Like most other EVs you can charge the Nissan Leaf with AC and DC. There are two options for the on-board charger of the Leaf- with 3.6 kW and with 6.6 kW. We highly recommend opting for the faster on-board charger to reduce your AC charging time. It will take 12h45m to fully charge a 40 kWh Leaf with a 3.6 kW on-board charger. This is slow. 

Using Level 2 charger

Nissan Leaf cannot charge at 3-phase, which means it would be an unnecessary expense to purchase such a charger. The optimal Nissan Leaf home charger is a 32A 7kW portable charger. With the optional 6.6 kW on-board charger it will take 7 hours to fully charge the 40 kWh version. 

Using a CHAdeMO Fast Charger

This is the fast charger for Nissan Leaf that owners have opted for in the past 10 years. Unfortunately, CHAdeMO stations are becoming less popular and we rarely see ratings of over 50 kW. Despite that this is still an option when traveling long distances- it will take 59 minutes  (62 kWh battery) for a quick charge. By today’s standards, this is a very slow DC charging. 

Using a CCS to CHAdeMo adapter

The most recent innovation in the Nissan Leaf (CHAdeMO) community is the CCS to CHAdeMO adapter. This Nissan Leaf charger adapter enables the car to charge at CCS2 stations. Using this adapter Leaf owners will have access to the two charging standards in Europe- CCS2 and CHAdeMO. The Nissan Leaf ccs adapter gives access to thousands of well-maintained CCS2 charging stations, many of which are rated at over 100 kW. This would be particularly useful to owners of Nissan Leaf e+ (62 kWh) as the vehicle is capable of charging with 85 kW (or even more). When Chris from the Youtube channel Battery Life tested the adapter he managed to receive 75 kW on the e+. This should technically save up to 25% charging time compared to a 50 kW CHAdeMO station. 

Steps to charging your Nissan Leaf with CCS to CHAdeMO adapter

Turn off the car and open the charging lid

If you have not used a Leaf before you might have a hard time finding the button for the charging port. It is left from your steering wheel. You will hear a beep sound once you press it.

Connect the adapter to the charging port

The second step is to connect the adapter to the CHAdeMO port. Simply push in the adapter. 

Connect the charging gun to the adapter

Third comes connecting the CCS2 charging gun. Carefully align it with the adapter and push it in.

Start the charging process

Now you can start the charging- depending on the charging provider it can be done through an application/ RFID card/ key or even some other method.

Hold the power button on the adapter

Last but not least you must hold the power button on the adapter for 5 seconds. This will initiate the handshake process and you will see a red LED light flashing. The handshake will take around 20 seconds after which the battery should start receiving power. 

Tips on charging your Nissan Leaf

Keep your battery between 20% and 80%

Many people ask how to charge Nissan Leaf. As with other lithium-ion batteries, you should develop some habits that will keep your battery in good condition. One of these habits is never fully charging/discharging your battery. Always aim to arrive at the charger with about 10-20% of battery charge. When charging the car, set a limiter at approximately 80%. This can also be done with a timer when you calculate how much time would it take to charge your car up to 80%.

Avoid charging it every night

Charge your vehicle as rarely as possible. If you get home at 50% and you expect to do the regular 20km journey to work you don’t need to connect your EV to the charger. 

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