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Adapter CCS2 to CHAdeMO for Nissan Leaf

Adapter CCS2 to CHAdeMO for Nissan Leaf

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This adapter allows CHAdeMO vehicles to charge at CCS2 charging stations. Say goodbye to the old and neglected CHAdeMO chargers. This adapter will increase your average charging speed as most CCS2 chargers are 100kW+ while CHAdeMO chargers are usually rated at 50kW. We reached 75kW with the Nissan Leaf e+ (ZE1, 62 kWh) while the adapter is technically capable of 200kW.

Shipping takes 2-3 weeks due to high demand!

2-Year Warranty. Lifetime software support. Shipped from Europe. Future firmware updates are incoming to improve compatibility.

Tested CCS2 Charging Stations (click to see)

ABB Terra 120 kW

ABB Terra 50 kW

ABB Wallbox 24 kW

Alpitronic Hypercharger 150 kW

Electrip 60 kW

Kostad Unity 120 kW

Starcharge 180 kW

Kempower 150 kW

Kempower 50 kW

Elfinity 150 kW

VW Chargers 250 kW

Aral Pulse 150 kW

Veefil 350 kW

Blueberry 125 kW

Starcharger 150 kW


Circontrol 50 kW

Tritium Veefil 75 kW

Efacec 45 kW

Supported Vehicles (click to see)

ZE0 Nissan LEAF (Chademo v0.9)

AZE0 Nissan LEAF (Chademo v1.0)

ZE1 Nissan LEAF (Chademo v1.2)

Kia Soul EV

Nissan env200

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mercedes EQC (Japanese import)

Lexus UX 300e

Porsche Taycan

Check the CCS1 version here

What's included:

  • CCS2-CHAdeMO Adapter
  • Travel Case
  • USB flash drive for firmware updates
  • USB cable for charging
  • Debug cable
  • Manual

What is CCS-CHAdeMO Adapter?

This adapter creates the protocol conversion from CCS to CHAdeMO which turns out to be quite a complicated process. For more than 10 years engineers could not produce this device despite the market need. It features a small, battery-powered “computer” inside which is responsible for the protocol conversion. Some people might ask whether you can use the CHAdeMO adapter only with the Nissan Leaf. No, in fact you can use it for all CHAdeMO cars including the Nissan ENV-200, Kia Soul EV, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Lexus EX300e, Porsche Taycan, and many others.

Overview of the CCS-CHAdeMO Adapter for Nissan Leaf

This CHAdeMO adapter is a groundbreaking device that enables CHAdeMO vehicles to charge at CCS2 stations. This CCS CHAdeMO adapter gives access to thousands of CCS2 stations, which significantly increases the choice of charging points. Now the owners of Nissan Leaf, and other CHAdeMO vehicles, can utilize both infrastructures- CCS and CHAdeMO.

What are the benefits of using CHAdeMO Adapter for Nissan Leaf?

The prevailing charging standard in Europe is CCS2, therefore the majority of the charging stations utilize this standard. It is a rare scene to see a newly installed CHAdeMO charger, in fact, some operators even dismantle stations with this standard. This Nissan Leaf adapter can potentially increase your average charging speed as most CCS2 chargers are 100kW+ while CHAdeMO chargers are usually rated at 50kW. We reached 75kW with the Nissan Leaf e+ (ZE1, 62 kWh) while the adapter is technically capable of 200kW. 

How to charge a Nissan Leaf with а CHAdeMO charger?

To charge the Nissan Leaf at a CHAdeMO charger, follow these steps: First, park the vehicle at a CHAdeMO charging station. Then, you need to plug the CHAdeMO charger into the vehicle's charging socket. As soon as the plug is securely connected, the charging process starts automatically or via the control panel of the charging station. To use a CCS to CHAdeMO adapter, the CCS plug is inserted into the adapter and then connected to the CHAdeMO charging socket. This enables simple and flexible charging of the Nissan Leaf, regardless of the available charging station.



Rated Current: 200A DC
Rated Voltage: 100V- 1000V
IP Rating: IP54
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Warranty: 12 months (24 months for EU customers)
Certification: CE
Manufacturer: Dongguan Longood Technology Co., Ltd.

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Bjørn Nyland testing the CHAdeMO Adapter

Charging Test at CCS2 Stations

75 kW on a Nissan Leaf e+ (62 kWh)

Customer Reviews

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E Fransen
Nice chademo-ccs adapter

Just tested the adapter. Worked fine.

Herbert Bartl
All ok thank you

No problem, it works ok

Kai Hiller
Adapter CCS2 to Chademo

Alles bestens, funktioniert bestens

Michael Gypser
1193 Adapter CCS2 auf CHAdeMO für

Der Adapter ist heute am 14.5. Um 15.00 bei mir angekommen.
Ich werde demnächst berichten.

Jochen Späth

Lieferung bis heut nicht erfolgt, laut TNT sollte Morgen am 13.5 die Lieferung erfolgen

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