Collection: Bornes de recharge portables de type 2 pour Tesla

Nos chargeurs EV sont compatibles avec tous les modèles Tesla car nous offrons une connectivité de type 2. En plus de cela, nous proposons des bornes de recharge avec des vitesses allant jusqu'à 22 kW, mais les modèles Tesla ne peuvent prendre que jusqu'à 11 kW de courant alternatif. C'est pourquoi nous vous conseillons de parcourir nos solutions monophasées (3,6kW ou 7kW) ou triphasées (11kW). Bien qu'il soit cher, le connecteur mural Tesla d'origine présente un autre inconvénient majeur : vous ne pouvez pas le transporter. Le chargeur mural Tesla coûte environ 600 EUR tandis que la station EV portable de 11 kW d'EVniculus ne coûte que 349,99 EUR.

Tesla CCS Combo 2 Adapter

Stay versatile on the road with the Tesla CCS Combo 2 adapter. This adapter allows Tesla drivers to use CCS Combo 2 charging stations, widely available in Europe. Designed for a seamless charging experience, it ensures that wherever you are, your Tesla stays powered up.

Tesla J1772 Charging Adapter

Never be caught off-guard with charging limitations. The Tesla J1772 charging adapter is a compact, convenient tool that allows Tesla owners to charge at Type 1 charging points. With this adapter in hand, you unlock access to a wide range of charging networks, giving your Tesla more freedom on the open road. 

Tesla Type 2 Charger

For those in regions where Type 2 connectors are standard (primarily in Europe), Tesla offers its signature Type 2 charger. Designed for maximum charging efficiency, this charger provides a reliable and rapid charge to your Tesla, ensuring it's always ready to hit the road.

Tesla EV Models

Tesla's lineup of electric vehicles promises a model for every kind of driver, each one bearing the brand's hallmark qualities of innovation, performance, and style.

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S redefined what an electric car could be, boasting impressive range, acceleration, and a suite of luxury features. Its elegance and power promise a ride like no other, merging performance with sustainability.

Tesla Model Y

A blend of efficiency and versatility, the Tesla Model Y is perfect for those who seek adventure. With expansive cargo space and advanced safety features, it's the ideal companion for both city commutes and long road trips.

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3, Tesla's more accessible sedan, brings electric driving to the masses. With its minimalist design, impressive range, and affordability, it's no wonder it quickly became a favorite among EV enthusiasts.

Tesla Model X

With falcon-wing doors and state-of-the-art features, the Tesla Model X isn't just an SUV; it's a statement. Designed for families who refuse to compromise on performance, safety, or style, the Model X stands in a league of its own.