BMW i Series: The Future Of Electric Vehicles

BMW i Series: The Future Of Electric Vehicles

Updated on: 02.07.2024

Considering that shift to electric vehicles, it is just beginning to feel all too much. Look no further than the BMW i Series. With the world moving so quickly towards sustainable transport, choosing the right electric vehicle can be quite the task.

But don't worry at all as this article is the jump-off point for entering the electric car world, starting with the innovative BMW i series.

From the small and compact i3 to the ultra-luxurious i7, these electric cars take all forms to meet the many lives one might lead.

Let us discuss all ins and outs for all i series BMW vehicles in detail to help you make an informed decision.

What are the basics when it comes to BMW electric vehicles charging? 

Charging a BMW electric vehicle is designed to be straightforward and seamlessly integrated into daily life. BMW offers a range of charging solutions tailored to different lifestyles, whether you're charging at home or on the go.

At home, BMW provides two main options: the Flexible Fast Charger and the BMW Wallbox. The Flexible Fast Charger is versatile, compatible with both standard 120V household outlets and 240V outlets. It delivers charging speeds of up to 9.6 kW, which means you can fully charge your BMW EV overnight, depending on the model's battery capacity.

For charging outside the home, BMW electric vehicles support both Level 2 (AC) and Level 3 (DC Fast) charging standards. Level 2 chargers are commonly found at public charging stations and can charge your BMW EV faster than standard home outlets.

Level 3 DC Fast chargers are ideal for quick stops during long journeys, providing up to 90 miles of range in just 10 minutes, depending on the model and conditions.

BMW also offers innovative services like ChargeForward, which optimizes charging times based on local energy grid conditions to reduce carbon emissions. This service helps make charging more sustainable while ensuring your vehicle is ready when you need it.

Overall, BMW's charging infrastructure and services are designed to enhance the convenience and efficiency of owning an electric vehicle, supporting a seamless transition to greener mobility options across various driving scenarios.

BMW i Series: BMW is Leaping into Electric Vehicles

The i Series BMW is one of the best electric vehicles choices when it comes to electric cars. It is BMW's jump into the world of electric vehicles and is receiving a lot of praise for being one of the best.

The big one or small electric vehicle, each of the cars in the i Series is incorporated with cool technology and are environment-friendly vehicles. Let's go through in-depth knowledge of everything about these vehicles.


BMW i Series

The i Series started to exist in 2011, when the presentation of the BMW i3 took place.

BMW i Series has expanded since then and now it is represented by a number of models. Some of the details about BMW i series's all electric vehicles are:

·       BMW i3

BMW i3 is an example of one of the small electric vehicles that has been designed to be comfortable and eco friendly.

The i3's powertrain features a 42-kWh battery (the 120Ah version), enabling a maximum range of 246 km (153 miles). The electric motor offers 125 kW (168 hp), taking the i3 from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.3 seconds.

This car’s body made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic ensures lightness and strength—a guarantor for agile and efficient drives.

·       BMW i4

Presenting the BMW i4, an outstanding four-door Gran Coupé for the future, conceived, designed, and engineered with one mission in mind: an immaculate drive in a beautiful environment.

It comes fitted with an 83.9 kWh battery that's able to offer an impressive range of up to 590 km (367 miles). The i4’s dual electric motors offer powerful performance that goes to the speeds of up to 225 km/h (140 mph) in the M50 variant.

This is a design that is self-assured and elegant, with strong design and a large kidney grille.

·       BMW iX1

Experience the efficiency of a BMW iX1 compact sport activity vehicle with travel designed to reach the urban perimeters. Its 71 kWh battery size allows the range to go up to 365 km (227 miles).

The single electric motor has a maximum output of 230 kW (308 hp). From rest, the BMW iX1 rockets to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.6 seconds, and it is agile and comfortable with a lot of room on the inside and up-to-date technology.

·       BMW iX2

Unbridle style and agility: the BMW iX2 is a subcompact SUV as dynamic as it is efficient. Fitted with a 66.5 kWh battery, it will give you up to 400 km (250 miles) of freedom on the road.

The iX2—this is design and LED lights on the road while its panoramic sunroof encourages you to get the maximum amount of pleasure from being on the road.

·       BMW iX3

Welcome the ideal performance and luxury mixture with the BMW iX3 midsize SUV. Its 80 kWh battery will offer a range of up to 460 km (286 miles), clearly opening quite a number of opportunities for adventure.

With its aerodynamically designed exterior and luxurious interior of leather seats and ambient lighting, the BMW iX3 guarantees any ride to be as thrilling as it is enjoyable.

·       BMW iX

The BMW iX takes full-size SUVs to a whole new level and sets new standards for innovation and luxury. It has a battery pack of over 100 kWh in its powertrain, so that you can always go the distance without any compromise.

Its futuristic design marked with the hexagonal kidney grille and a cabin that offers an open-space concept with a fully technological layout should be the yardstick for every electric vehicle.

Fitted with the iX powertrain, the vehicle claims to bring on board sensational performance hitting a maximum speed of up to 200 km/h (124 mph).

·       BMW i5

Express the power and elegance with the BMW i5, an executive sedan that is filled with sophistication coupled with performance. It offers a range above 600 km (373 miles) with a battery pack above 81.2 kWh, hence making it seamless for long-distance travel.

Two electric motors give the i5 (M60) in sum over 442 kW (593 hp), which will suffice to throw the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.8 seconds. The sleek design, elongated glass roof, and luxurious interior all come together to offer a modern luxury feel.

·       BMW i7

Conduct any luxury experience and high performance, which signals a milestone even in the flagship sedan of BMW, setting new standards for electric mobility.

A battery pack of more than 100 kWh sees one through more than 600 km (373 miles) on a single charge—hence, no distance is too far for an uninterrupted journey with unrivaled comfort.

The i7's two electric motors churn out more than 485 kW (650 hp) of power, and hence the car can jet from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.7 seconds.

The premium materials that have gone into its construction, the luxury inside, and beautiful design of the illuminated kidney grille all combine to lift every single drive to a level of refinement and sophistication.

And by now, you know everything about i series BMW cars. It's time to get to the benefits of electric cars so that you make a whole decision.


Benefits of BMW Electric Cars

There are innumerable benefits of electric vehicles that one may avail through BMW electric vehicles that are the driving forces for one to ponder on for the pastime of future mobility, some of which are given below:

  •     Environmentally Friendly: Zero emissions from BMW electric cars to in any way pollute the environment with a carbon footprint, thus producing healthy air.
  •   Lower Operating Costs: With fewer moving parts and not using gasoline, maintenance and fuelling costs for electric vehicles are usually less than what conventional internal combustion engine vehicles offer.
  •   Quiet and Smooth: In fact, electric motors are so quiet and smooth that they provide virtually instantaneous torque, which is serene.
  •   Instant Power: Electric cars enjoy instant torque that offers quick acceleration and responses toward a really thrilling drive.
  •   Regenerative Braking: An energy recovery feature while braking and deceleration, the regenerative braking in BMW electric vehicles does increase the driving range extension and therefore better mileage in overall efficiency.
  •   Incentives and Tax Credits: A majority of governments are providing incentives, tax credits, and subsidies to prompt the adoption of electric vehicles, and to ensure electric vehicles become affordable to consumers.

So overall, electric cars give you great performance, efficiency, and a hand in nature conservation. They are perfect for people who care for the planet and those that want to have fun driving without giving up luxury and comfort.


How to Charge BMW i Series?

Now that you are aware of all the details about the BMW i Series electric vehicles, you must be wondering how exactly these electric vehicles get charged.

Well, the electric vehicles charging, including the BMW i Series, follows quite a simple mechanism.

Here are a few simple steps that would help you understand charging electric vehicles.

  •   Park your vehicle where it will be safe and well lit, and make sure the charging cable is in a proper state. 
  •   The vehicle port for charging is in the rear of the vehicle on the right. There is a click to be heard when the port has been plugged in securely. The charging port lights up blue when charging and green when done.
  •   And then plug into any compatible power source with the other end of the cable. They can plug in at a standard household outlet (Level 1), or take the home charging station (Level 2) or any fast-charging station (DC Fast Charging). The charging time and cost will vary depending on the power source and the battery level of your vehicle.
  •   For the BMW i series with a fast on-board charger (up to 22 kW), the status of the loading can be displayed and configured with the BMW Connected app on your smartphone, or alternatively, using the BMW iDrive system inside the vehicle. You can also set a timer to begin or end charging at a specific time, or use the preconditioning feature to heat or cool your vehicle prior to driving.
  •   Once the charging is done, simply unplug the cable at either end and store the cable at the back of your car. Now close the charging port flap and that's all done.

Closing Words

And that's all about the all-electric vehicles of the BMW i Series. From a compact city car up to a luxurious SUV or sedan, it's clearly to be seen how innovation and sustainability are bound to every vehicle of BMW.

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