Collection: Fiat Electric Vehicles

Long celebrated for its distinctive designs and Italian charm, Fiat has embraced the electrification wave with flair and vision. Marrying its iconic design language with the latest in green technology, Fiat's electric vehicles (EVs) encapsulate the brand's commitment to a sustainable, yet stylish future.

Fiat EV Charger/Fiat Home Charger

For an electric vehicle to truly shine, it requires a seamless and efficient charging solution. Fiat, with its intrinsic attention to detail, offers its exclusive line of EV chargers, commonly referred to as Fiat home chargers. These are engineered to provide Fiat electric vehicles with a fast, reliable, and convenient charging experience, embodying the brand's dedication to functionality and aesthetics.

Fiat 500 Car Charger

The Fiat 500, a symbol of urban chic, has an electric counterpart that deserves an equally efficient and stylish charging solution. The Fiat 500e employs a Type 2 charger for European markets, ensuring compatibility with the majority of public charging stations. This allows for flexibility in charging options, from home charging setups to on-the-go public points, ensuring that the 500e is always energized for the next jaunt.

Fiat EV Models

Venturing into the electric domain, Fiat has transformed some of its most beloved models, infusing them with eco-friendly innovations without losing their intrinsic Fiat charm.

Fiat 500e, 600e

  • Fiat 500e: The 500e takes everything people adore about the classic Fiat 500 and electrifies it. Compact yet packed with features, it promises a range of up to 320 km. Its combination of retro design with modern tech ensures that drivers get the best of both worlds, all while contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Fiat 600e: Building on Fiat's legacy of crafting beloved city cars, the speculated 600e aims to rejuvenate a classic. The larger electric Fiat features a 54 kWh battery capable of around 400km. It also has decent fast charging capabilities doing 20%-80% in 26 minutes.