Collection: US Tesla Adaptors for use in Europe- CCS Combo 2, Type 2 DC, Type 2 AC, Type 1

This collection is made for the owners of Tesla vehicles imported from the USA. All American Tesla models come with the a standart port which is not common in Europe. In this collection we have gathered the most useful adapters every Tesla owner needs to use his/her car in Europe. Our adapters are compatible with all Tesla cars including the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S. Some earlier versions might need a CCS module retrofit in order to use fast charging.

  • CCS Combo 2 Duo DC + AC. This is our latest Tesla Adapter and it combines three adapters in one. You can charge your car both at DC stations (up to 250kW) and AC stations (up to 22kW). DC stations are the fast stations which include the Tesla Superchargers, The CCS2 Stations and the Type 2 DC Stations. You can also use this adapter to charge your vehicle at home (via portable charger or wallbox) with up to 22kW (your car might not be able to reach this speed at AC). AC charging is the slow charging and is ofter referred as home charging. 
  • CCS Combo 2 DC only. This is a Tesla CCS adapter which is suitable only for fast DC stations which feature the CCS2 Combo Plug. You can charge your EV with speeds of up to 250kW.
  • Type 2 to Tesla DC only. This Tesla Adapter can be used at fast DC charging stations which feature a Type 2 Plug. Charging speed is up to 100kW.
  • Type 2 to Tesla AC only. This Type 2 adapter can be used for AC charging (also referred as slow charging or home charging). The Adapter is capable of reaching speed of up to 22kW. 
  • Type 1 to Tesla AC only. This J1772 adapter is also designed for home charging. You can charge your US Tesla via a Type 1 Charger with speed up to 7kW.